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wheresmycow is
a writer, a teacher, an editor, a youngest daughter, an older sister, a doting aunt, a diffident niece, a best friend, a nuisance, a bitchy witch when provoked, a fangirl, a secret 'shipper, a daydreamer, a frustrated dancer, a blunt straight-talker, a little bit of a fool.
wheresmycow likes
books, puppies, kittens, potato chips, plastic candy, paper cranes, peanut butter, comic books, classical music, roller skates, pepperoni pizza, tall geeky guys, opera, movies, radio plays.
wheresmycow thinks
organized religion is driving everyone crazy * politicans in her country are posturing opportunist douchebag assholes * life would be simpler if people didn't worry so much about "losing face" * people should stop shoving superstition in her face * there's nothing wrong with being liberal * leonard and penny have no chemistry * han shot first * the eighth doctor is canon, dammit
wheresmycow says
hello. i'm back. actually, i've been here since 2005 and, until recently, had had +900 journal entries on here before i swished them all away in a mad fit of obsessive housecleaning. but I'm back, and i feel like writing again. let's hope that feeling lasts, eh?
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