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  • GET OUT OF MY HEAD JEREMY BRETT! I can't read Sherlock Holmes/John Watson slash without giggling like a prize idiot. Not because they're bad -- some are quite good -- but I developed a concrete picture of Holmes and Watson from reading all the stories and this picture keeps intruding into my carefully-constructed-yet-dangerously-fragile head-bubble that is the 2009 movie!verse. I can only (provisionally) accept Holmes/Watson when they're RDJ and Jude Law.

  • I'd like to say that I have no horse in this race, but I used to watch both Conan O'Brien and Jay Leno pretty regularly when both their shows were being aired here on cable, and I realize that I'm for Team CoCo. He's much funnier, and it's obvious who's being really screwed over here. Gawker has all the sordid details of this riveting bitchfight between rich white men.

    (for some odd reason I also have vivid memories of Leno vs Letterman 1992.)

    (also, jeez, why the fuck am I caring? Craig Ferguson FTW)

  • Oh, of course! IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU, ISN'T IT?* Speaking of bitchfight, Kris Aquino's gone loco again. Her brother, presidential candidate (and all-around wet noodle) Senator Noynoy Aquino, has asked that people give her and husband James some privacy. Hard to do that, Noynoy, when your baby sister appears on Private Conversations with Boy Abunda to appeal to James to get his act together and help save their marriage. All this, by the way, while tearfully airing all the dirty laundry at the same time. The woman just lives in a self-absorbed bubble, doesn't she? I would say that her mother is probably spinning in her grave, but Cory had to deal with 25+ years of this shit. The poor lady deserves her rest.

    *Galaxy Quest, ILU.

  • Tick-tock, tick-tock. Still need a concrete idea for my final term paper in grad class. I've got a one-on-one powwow scheduled with the prof on Thursday in Makati, can't show up half-assed. Thing is, I still don't have much of a grasp on what the class is really about.

  • Er, Um. So there's this guy. I think his friends are obliquely setting us up. Or having a joke at my expense. Possibly both.
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I speak the truth; my words are straight and true.
The man of Orient birth is not the issue.

The Orient, Sir Walter?

I speak, old friend, of truths in desert land.
The hour is nigh to draw line in the sand.

Deserts? I had made it plain that he was Orient-man.

Though words in haste be only human nature,
‘Orient-man’ is not preferr’d nomenclature.

Read the entirety of the original (and download the PDF, if you want) HERE. [h/t FilmDrunk, via FARK]
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I'm so glad I'm not a Holmes purist (Y HALO THAR Young Sherlock Holmes and Without A Clue!) because if I were then I wouldn't have been able to enjoy this relentlessly fun, shamelessly daring adventure -- complete with signature Guy Ritchie slow-motion action sequences -- with the Oscar Madison and Felix Unger of the Victorian era.

For once, I really liked Jude Law as the exasperated-uptight-yet-utterly-badass-when-necessary Dr. Watson. My mother thinks Mark Strong should play Dracula (or any other vampire -- as long as he doesn't sparkle). And I'll watch anything with RDJ in it -- he's that hot brilliant. I thought Rachel McAdams was too young to be Irene Adler, though.

Anyway, enjoyed this movie very much, will watch again.

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