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Won't get fooled again, eh?

So it's President Wet Noodle and Vice President "The Self-Proclaimed Pinoy Obama", eh?

And speaking of Binay, a word to the wary from [livejournal.com profile] erdilien23's Facebook page:
Ayaw n'yo kay Korina as 2nd Lady ng 'Pinas? Mas matakot kayo kay Elenita, lol.
(Trans: Don't want Korina [Sanchez-Roxas] as the Second Lady of the Philippines? Be afraid of Elenita [Binay], lol.)

Dun dun dun!

/I guess I can be thankful for one thing -- if Cory hadn't died and Noynoy hadn't run, we'd be looking in horror at Joseph Estrada, President. How fucking embarrassing.
//Fuck it. We deserve the people we vote in. Filipinos are stupid.
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So NOW I get my sample ballot, an hour before the polls open. Of course, certain names have been helpfully highlighted for my convenience. Talk about making sure I NOT VOTE FOR YOU, people. Yeah, I'm looking at you, incumbent Pasig City officials. Sheesh.
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where no matter what happens the Tiny Package of Evil in a Three-Piece Suit will be voted out of office.

At any rate, I must get up at the crack o' dawn to be all civic-minded and whatnot. Now where's my List of Lesser Evils? Definitely not voting for the Wet Noodle, the Grasping Orange Opportunist, or She Who Is The Eater of Souls, Mistress of the Dead Eyes. Screaming Banshee is on my list, though, purely for the entertainment value.

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