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Tried baking meringues for the first time today. MASSIVE EPIC FAIL that look like miniature white dog doings. Nicely chewy, though. Note: must track down electric whisk I'm sure we have somewhere in the pantry, or something.

At least I got the sweetness right. Kailangan ko talaga ng electric whisk. Grr.
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I just realized what it is about Glee's Lea Michele that makes me want to punt her face-first into a door: it's not just the (ugh)Broadway acting and singing style, it's her DISNEY SMILE. It's a wall of teeth. Only Keira Knightley has a creepier smile than hers.

(hotlinked because I don't want copies of their pictures on my hard drive or on my Photobucket/Flickr account. Also, I actually wanted to use a picture of Keira Knightley from Pride and Prejudice because I swear there was one shot there where she's leering up at Matthew MacFadyen with her creepy grin. Alas, I couldn't find it.)

Would you WANT to survive a plane crash in the Andes with someone who looks like they could sneak up on you and rip your abdomen apart, smiling the whole time?
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Calling F.H. Batacan -- perhaps this can serve as material for your next Filipino murder mystery?

[NYTimes] Sinatra Song Often Strikes Deadly Chord

The My Way Murders? The Sinister Sinatra Mystery? The Karaoke Killings?

/maybe I should take a crack at it
//my Abelard-and-Heloise medieval detective team idea having fallen by the wayside

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