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My Sherlock DVD finally arrived, thanks to my aunt who flew in from LA this morning:

The Philippine Bureau of Customs is one of the most idiotic and corruption-rife departments in the government. They once tried to extort charge me P10,000 in taxes for an iPod and the Criterion Collection Withnail & I DVD because "they were not declared as gifts" (which begged the question of who was supposed to declare them a gift anyway, my cousin Beverly or me? I was ready to scream "THEY'RE GIFTS!" right in the middle of the Customs office). Given the Great Book Tax Debacle of 2009, is it any wonder that sensible Filipinos avoid sending parcels by post as much as possible and instead choose to send home gifts and other packages through their expatriate relatives's balikbayan boxes?
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This is mainly for [livejournal.com profile] runefrancisco's benefit, but what the hell.

Why yes, that eye-searing bedspread is mine. I know, how could I sleep on it? But my nephew ADORES it so much, and loves pretending to be a caterpillar on it. Eating the butterflies, and whatnot.

Three Two more days to work on this, as I'm going to the Hard Rock Cafe Heroes and Villains party in Makati on Saturday. Busy fingers!
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I'm so glad I'm not a Holmes purist (Y HALO THAR Young Sherlock Holmes and Without A Clue!) because if I were then I wouldn't have been able to enjoy this relentlessly fun, shamelessly daring adventure -- complete with signature Guy Ritchie slow-motion action sequences -- with the Oscar Madison and Felix Unger of the Victorian era.

For once, I really liked Jude Law as the exasperated-uptight-yet-utterly-badass-when-necessary Dr. Watson. My mother thinks Mark Strong should play Dracula (or any other vampire -- as long as he doesn't sparkle). And I'll watch anything with RDJ in it -- he's that hot brilliant. I thought Rachel McAdams was too young to be Irene Adler, though.

Anyway, enjoyed this movie very much, will watch again.

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