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Ugh, all that wangst yesterday -- so embarrassing.

Here's some exciting happy smithereening instead:

(wow, hey, a BBC video that's NOT region-locked!)
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I had no idea that this was in the works. I hadn't even given a thought to Rurouni Kenshin in years save for the odd guilty one about this, but I have to admit I'm terribly excited over this film.

Eeeeeeeee! *flappy-hand chicken dance*

(The guy playing Sanosuke appropriately looks like he could cut you soon as look at you. I'd've cast the guy playing Jin-e as Saitou, though.)

[Error: unknown template qotd]Oh, I don't know. Something fried. Bacon? Chicken? Human flesh?
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Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] freehold, for my new complete (so far) set of A Song of Ice and Fire. Drink lots of salabat, unless you want to impress more cab drivers as well as the British embassy with your *snortgigglesnort* bedroom voice. *hyurk*

Have fun with my Mirror and the Lamp. If something happens to it, you die.
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Just experienced a rather worrisome earthquake tremor here a few minutes ago. I thought it was just a fit of vertigo, but my Facebook feed is flooding with similar reports. A 6.4 kuno, but no official report just yet.

ETA: Sus ginoo. It was a 4.6 pala. Seems worryingly shallow, though, as people actually felt that.

E(again)TA: Good grief, it was a 5.4 magnitude earthquake. Epicenter just off Mindoro Strait.

And in belated news, a 6.4 yesterday in the northern Philippines.

/keeps wary eye on the Marikina Fault Line
//two blocks away
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This morning, I got a call from my mother, in Gubat:

     "Did you see the news? Nag-erupt na ang Bulusan!"

     "I'm doing the shopping, ma. Hasn't it been erupting for the past few months na?"

     "Well, yes, but it BLEW UP!"

     "WHAT?! Crap! Does this mean our flight this Wednesday's cancelled?"

     "Don't worry, the wind's blowing the other way -- but WE CAN SEE THE MUSHROOM CLOUD FROM HERE!"


     "Ooooh! Tita Betsy took pictures!"
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...and thus a non-working holiday. Good thing I'd run over to the bank yesterday and paid the credit card bill.

So today, blew off work (because, again, non-working holiday, so even though I work from home, hello holiday) and blew chunks out of my savings account with lo, many, many books.

A couple of the really interesting books I picked up:

   (From the Introduction) Clearly, one of [Chesterton's] chief strengths as critic is a wit that matches Dickens's own. The book is full of memorable expressions. To give a few examples:
[Dickens's] art is like life, because, like life, it cares for nothing outside itself, and goes on its way rejoicing. Both produce monsters with a kind of carelessness, like enormous by-products; life producing the rhinoceros, and art Mr Bunsby. [p10]

If Dickens learnt to whitewash the universe, it was in a blacking factory that he learnt it. [p21]

Other people's lives may easily be human documents. But a man's own life is always melodrama. [p101]

(From the cover) In our zeal to embrace the wonders of the electronic age, are we sacrificing our literary culture? Renowned critic Sven Birkerts believes the answer is an alarming yes. In The Gutenberg Elegies, he explores the impact of technology on the experience of reading. Drawing on his own passionate, lifelong love of books, Birkerts examines how literature intimately shapes and nourishes the inner life. What does it mean to "hear" a book on audiotape, decipher its words on a screen, or interact with it on CD-ROM? Are books as we know them dead?

At once a celebration of the complex pleasures of reading and a boldly original challenge to the new information technologies, The Gutenberg Elegies is an essential volume for anyone who cares about the past and future of books.

My bedside table pile, it is teetering.
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I can't stop watching The Thick of It and In the Loop. All that profane yelling in thick Glaswegian accents, it's mesmerizing. And oddly hot.

And that's just Malcolm Tucker. Here's his assistant/second-in-command/feral rabid dog Jamie:

"You take the piss out of Jolson again and I will remove your iPod from its tiny nano-sheath and push it up your cock. Then I'll put some speakers up your arse and put it on to shuffle with my fucking fist. And every time I hear something that I don't like--which will be every time that something comes on--I will skip to the next track by crushing your balls."

That's a masterclass, right there.
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In deference to [livejournal.com profile] alto2 I will limit my reaction to the finale to just four words.

Holy. Shit. Kleenex. Alert.

I fucking cried, man.
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A super spoilery thought AND VIDEO CLIP from the new Doctor Who series permiere, "The Eleventh Hour". Click at your own peril.

A more coherent and comprehensive review is percolating right now but I just had to get this particular thing out of my head before it ate up all my other thinky thoughts. And yes, [livejournal.com profile] runefrancisco and [livejournal.com profile] peripathetictoo, lots of Amy Pond thoughts for you. Anyway.

Aaaaaaand...there he is. )
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There will be an annular eclipse tomorrow from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Manila time. [livejournal.com profile] runefrancisco tells me to hide my eyes and avoid the triffids.

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