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1400. Oh god. Melanctha is so, so irritating. And I'm not just talking about the prose style. I do so loathe Naturalism.

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Right now I'm sitting in the Starbucks across the street from where I live, trying valiantly yet vainly to concentrate on Gertrude Stein's infinitely irritating prose style. I've got a whole sofa set, all four seats, all to myself--it pays to be here early--but I keep trying to eavesdrop on the pastor (and his parishioners? relatives? don't know, who cares) sitting on the set behind me.

It's annoying, though, that I can't make out the words. I'm particularly sensitive to low baritones--it overrides all other sounds, which is why I pitch my brother out of the living room whenever I'm trying to watch TV--so here I am, trying to read Melanctha but with a relentless susurrus (sic? can't look up proper spelling right now) in the background.

Gah. It's enough to make me scream in frustration. But since I would like to come back here in the future, am posting crossly about it instead.

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Apr. 26th, 2011 11:09 am
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The receptionist at the day spa just asked us if we'd mind joining in on a Bible study thing. Gee, it's not like we can just up and run away, could we? HELP!

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Woke up this morning just in time to realize I was nearly late for an appointment at the nail spa. Now bored, figured I'd finally try out the LJ iPhone app. And then check mail, or something, while the manicurist is still out. (Meanwhile the pedicurist is this close to getting an accidental kick in the face. I keep forgetting how ticklish my feet are.)

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