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(Oh, that's right. Because I got dragooned into it by well-meaning friends.)

Hotlinked like whoa. Credit http://boracayphillipineisland.blogspot.com

I'm really not too crazy about Boracay. Everyone and their second cousin's neighbor's dog goes there for the beaches, which really does not bode well for the state of said beaches, to be honest. Give me Rizal Beach in my mother's family hometown of Gubat, Sorsogon with its mainly local (read: family) habitu├ęs, or Honda Bay in Palawan, which is utterly utterly gorgeous and I'd go there in a heartbeat if not for my lunatic uncle who's parked himself there a couple of years ago and shows no signs of budging one inch.

Thing is, I'm not really going for the beach. I shall be (wo)manfully enduring the sand that stubbornly clings to one's toes and the sticky residue salt water leaves on the skin, and dumping gallons of conditioner on my hair each night to save it from looking like fodder for the local Wicker Man, because the photographs will be EPIC I like my friends and they really are a bunch of certifiable hooligans who definitely know how to have a good time.

Well, good night. Early drive to the airport tomorrow. Back on Tuesday night.
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So a week or so after my bout of pneumonia (and a bit of dengue fever scare -- honestly, that rash!) my nephew and my sister are now feeling poorly themselves. Uh-oh.

Meanwhile, gave yesterday last Monday night's GeekFight! a miss. Naturally, am now a bit leery of crowds.

(also wasn't pleased that the last one started TWO HOURS LATE. Susmariosep talaga.)

Do I want to go to this?

Click to embiggen

David Henry Hwang! On a Thursday night! At the Ayala Museum in Makati! Filipinas Heritage Library pala. Still, in Makati. And near Ayala Avenue anyway.

(Ugh, Makati. Loathe the place. It's a corporate behemoth.)

On the one hand, need to polish my now-admittedly-rusty English Lit. major skills. On the other hand, baka tamarin ako. Le sigh.
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I'm off for the next few days -- family reunion in Tacloban, Leyte. I personally prefer not to go at all, but there is absolutely no way I am letting my mother toddle around in the wilds of Leyte all by herself. She might get lost. Or set something on fire. Possibly both.

I'll be back to play catch-up on Sunday. Tootles!
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So NOW I get my sample ballot, an hour before the polls open. Of course, certain names have been helpfully highlighted for my convenience. Talk about making sure I NOT VOTE FOR YOU, people. Yeah, I'm looking at you, incumbent Pasig City officials. Sheesh.
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where no matter what happens the Tiny Package of Evil in a Three-Piece Suit will be voted out of office.

At any rate, I must get up at the crack o' dawn to be all civic-minded and whatnot. Now where's my List of Lesser Evils? Definitely not voting for the Wet Noodle, the Grasping Orange Opportunist, or She Who Is The Eater of Souls, Mistress of the Dead Eyes. Screaming Banshee is on my list, though, purely for the entertainment value.

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